Feel the emotion behind ÉDIT(h)’s historical yet modern scent. It is a scent that includes fragrances originally from Asia and used since Nikko Jirushi’s founding in 1905.

ÉDIT(h) was born from a fortuitous discovery: that Japan’s stamp tradition and fragrance go very well together.
Founded in 1905, Nikko Jirushi has kept alive traditional red-ink shuniku stamp pad manufacturing methods for over 100 years. Nikko Jirushi VI launched ÉDIT(h) as a brand combining the essence of historical and modern culture by applying the company’s manufacturing tradition and his experience as a former music director.
Throughout the manufacturing process, we make ÉDIT(h) products by reconstructing the fragrances, materials, and expertise used in making Nikko Jirushi’s shuniku.
In every detail, from scent to packaging, we insist that ÉDIT(h) products are those that could only come from our unparalleled story. ÉDIT(h) expresses Japan’s traditions in a new form.
And now it’s your turn to experience its world.
About ÉDIT(h)
Creative director
Kentaro Kuzuwa     
Supervised musicians in various genres such as club music, hip hop, rock, and pop as a promoter and A&R director at a major record company. Later traveled to over 50 countries, then returned to Japan to take over his family business Moriyama INC., established in 1905.
Having understood the appeal of quality management and the stable production of industrial products, as well as the scarcity and superior skill of traditional crafts, he is transforming those techniques into products modern society needs. Good at injecting his expertise in various cultures into product creation.