eau de parfum

All our perfumes are made with traditional fragrances we have long used to make the “SHUNIKU”.
They have been composed with like-minded perfumers.
The cap made of heavy zinc. The finish of the surface is all handmade by craftsmen. Bottle is a semi-handmade that craftmen finish while adjusting air pressure one by one.
The textures and shapes of all products are subtly different, and nothing is the same one in this world.
These new fragrances will cycled into sales of the SHUNIKU in the future.

About “La collection Remixes”
For ‘La collection Remixes’, each perfumer created a new piece of art on the basis of precise information on the scents of the five pieces of the first collection, using musical perfuming techniques unique to ÉDIT(h). Just like musicians creating a new song by changing the tone and rhythm while still respecting the original. Including, of course, the aromatics accompanying Nikko Jirushi.

eau de parfum
50ml / 1.7 fl. oz.
Jardin des mots / Cocktail Lane / Souchong journey / Kagamigoshi / Green Velvet

Jardin Tokyo / Rose Mojito / Reminisce / Earl Grey / Yuzuki